Documents of American History II


Franklin D. Roosevelt's ''Forgotten Man'' Radio Speech, 1932
OBLIGATORY TEXT President Franklin Roosevelt's First Inaugural Address, 1933
President Franklin Roosevelt's Second Inaugural Address, 1937
Emergency Act on Banking, 1933
Emergency Relief Act, 1933
President Franklin Roosevelt's Bank Holiday Declaration, 1933
President Roosevelt's Message to Congress on the Tennessee Valley Authority, 1933
Tennessee Valley Authority Act, 1933
National Industrial Recovery Act, 1933
National Labor Relations Act of 1935 ("The Wagner Act")
OBLIGATORY TEXT Social Security Act, 1935
Senator Huey Long's ''Share Our Wealth'' Speech, 1935
President Franklin Roosevelt's ''Court Packing Bill'' Fireside Chat, 1937
OBLIGATORY TEXT President Franklin Roosevelt 's ''Quarantine the Aggressors'' Address, 1937
President Franklin Roosevelt's ''Hands Off the Western Hemisphere'' Speech, 1939
President Franklin Roosevelt's Radio Address on the Outbreak of War in Europe, 1939
President Franklin Roosevelt's State of the Union Address, 1939
Neutrality Act, 1937
Neutrality Act, 1939
Note to Japan on Violation of American Rights, 1938
Wagner-Steagall Act, 1937 (on U.S. Housing Authority)
Near vs. Minnesota, 1935
Sinclair Lewis, Speech Accepting the Nobel Prize, 1930
Albert Einstein's Letter of 1939
Upton Sinclairīs EPIC Plan (End Poverty in California), 1933
Dr. Townsendīs Revolving Pensions Plan, 1933
Father Coughlin & The Search For "Social Justice", 1934--35

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