Documents of American History II


Bolling v. Sharpe, 1954
OBLIGATORY TEXT Senate Censure of Joseph McCarthy, 1954
Communist Control Act of 1954
Dennis v. United States, 1951
National Defense Education Act of 1958
William Faulkner's Nobel Prize Speech, 1950
Eisenhower Doctrine, 1957
President Eisenhower's ''Domino Theory'' Statement, 1954
President Eisenhower's ''Spirit of Geneva'' Speech, 1955
Dwight D. Eisenhower's ''I Shall Go to Korea'' Speech, 1952
President Eisenhower's ''Open Skies'' Proposal, 1955
Internal Security Act of 1950
General Douglas MacArthur's ''Old Soldiers Never Die'' Speech, 1951
McCarran-Walter Act, 1952
Martin Luther King's ''Montgomery Story'' Address, 1955
NAACP v. Alabama, 1958
Richard Nixon's ''Checkers'' Speech, 1952
Ronald Reagan's Remarks at the Kiwanis International Convention, 1951
OBLIGATORY TEXT Refugee Relief Act of 1953
Roth v. United States, 1957
OBLIGATORY TEXT Southern Manifesto on Integration, 1956
Adlai Stevenson's ''Nature of Patriotism'' Speech, 1952
OBLIGATORY TEXT Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, 1954
President Truman's Statement on the Recall of General Douglas MacArthur, 1951

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